Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Halfway there!

Well guys, as of today our little chicken is officially halfway cooked!  Yep, I'm 20 weeks today and wondering where the time has gone.  I've been taking semi-regular bump pictures next to a chalkboard, you know the type you see on Pinterest.  And by semi-regular I mean every 2-3 weeks or so.  Haven't uploaded any of them onto the blog because that would require me actually transferring them from my fancy non-iPhone camera onto my laptop.  Maybe I'll get around to uploading them all at once somewhere before the end of this pregnancy.  Plus, I feel like who really wants to see a bumpdate every other week?  I'll spare you.  Here's a bathroom iPhone pic instead (excuse the dirty mirror).

Picture taken 4 days ago
The most exciting thing to have happened thus far though is that as of about a week ago I can feel the little guy kicking around in there!  I was suprised that I started feeling him at only a little over 19 weeks, because I've heard that some first time moms don't feel him til about 22 weeks or so.  Maybe it's because he's measuring a little ahead according to the ultrasound tech?  Regardless, it's pretty cool.  What's not cool is that I'm starting to get what I expect is round ligament pain in my lower abdomen, I guess from everything stretching.

In other news, we got the inspection on the house we are buying and there were no big surprises, thankfully!  We are submitting what we want fixed to the sellers today.  Fingers crossed they will fix the few things we asked for.  Next step, appraisal!


  1. What an exciting time for you!!! Hope you're feeling well and enjoying every second! :)

  2. Wahoo, halfway!! You look adorable!
    I've also had bad round ligament, I hear it's pretty normal, especially if you have a smaller frame (body has to get ready to carry all of that extra weight).
    Happy to hear about your home too - lots of exciting things for you.. THREE!

  3. Aww you look adorable. Congrats on being half baked and feeling kicks :)

  4. You look so cute! Congrats on the house, hopefully you guys will have an easy move. Guess you'll just have to sit back, supervise and drink some virgin margaritas :)

  5. Congrats on being halfway there!! You look wonderful! It was so exciting to feel those first baby kicks!

  6. Whoop whoop can't believe your 1/2 way!!! Can't wait to meet him!!

  7. Congratulations! You have the smallest belly:-) So cute.

  8. You look great... just wait, that bump will grow so fast in the next couple of weeks!


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