Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Halfway there!

Well guys, as of today our little chicken is officially halfway cooked!  Yep, I'm 20 weeks today and wondering where the time has gone.  I've been taking semi-regular bump pictures next to a chalkboard, you know the type you see on Pinterest.  And by semi-regular I mean every 2-3 weeks or so.  Haven't uploaded any of them onto the blog because that would require me actually transferring them from my fancy non-iPhone camera onto my laptop.  Maybe I'll get around to uploading them all at once somewhere before the end of this pregnancy.  Plus, I feel like who really wants to see a bumpdate every other week?  I'll spare you.  Here's a bathroom iPhone pic instead (excuse the dirty mirror).

Picture taken 4 days ago
The most exciting thing to have happened thus far though is that as of about a week ago I can feel the little guy kicking around in there!  I was suprised that I started feeling him at only a little over 19 weeks, because I've heard that some first time moms don't feel him til about 22 weeks or so.  Maybe it's because he's measuring a little ahead according to the ultrasound tech?  Regardless, it's pretty cool.  What's not cool is that I'm starting to get what I expect is round ligament pain in my lower abdomen, I guess from everything stretching.

In other news, we got the inspection on the house we are buying and there were no big surprises, thankfully!  We are submitting what we want fixed to the sellers today.  Fingers crossed they will fix the few things we asked for.  Next step, appraisal!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

28 is gonna be a good one

Happy (belated) birthday to me!  Monday was my 28th birthday and it was a quiet one, as many Monday birthdays probably are.  Mondays just don't feel very festive and birthday-ish.  I enjoyed the low-keyness of it all though and spent a lot of time reflecting about how much our lives are going to change in my 28th year.  A new job, new city, and new baby are all on the horizon and I couldn't be more excited!
But before I share what we did over my birthday weekend I have other news to share-  we are officially under contract on a house!!!  Trying to keep it together for the time being though because inspections are this Friday and I know it could all fall apart if there is something big wrong with the house.  But we are under contract!  After 3 months of searching it feels good to finally be moving forward. 
Here are the deets/advice from my limited experience:
     The house is only a few minutes from where Jeff will be working AND we stuck to a budget that's less than half what we were approved for by the bank.  Our biggest concern was falling into that trap so many new doctors fall for when they buy a huge dream home right out of training and then find themselves house poor when their income unexpectedly drops after a few years.  But not us!  There were lots of gorgeous homes towards the high end of our budget for sale, but that's exactly what made us buy a less expensive house.  There were LOTS of expensive homes on the market.  Just sitting there, some for 1-2 years.  What happens if we don't love the job and move on after 3 years when the contract is up?  We'd be stuck with that gorgeous home sitting on the market for a year (or more) while we tried to sell it, that's what!  There are not as many people who will be qualified to buy that dream home once it comes time for you to sell it.
*Stepping off soapbox*
Here's what we did last weekend-
We benefitted from a guest speaker and his wife being in town who came to talk to Jeff's fellowship program.  The program director hosted parties for him on Friday and Saturday nights and invited the whole practice, fellows and wives included.  You know what that means- free food (and booze for the non preggos)!  Friday night they had an beautiful sit down dinner in their backyard complete with tables that were decorated as if it were a wedding reception (seriously- we rented the exact chiavari chairs at our wedding).  I'm sad I didn't get pictures of the whole setup! 
Saturday night everyone drove out to the program director's lake house where he hosted a more casual southern barbeque type dinner.  More free food!  They really knew they way to our hearts and sent all the fellows home with doggy bags, which were enthusiastically accepted.  Free dinner two nights in a row = happy fellows/wives!
Dinner Saturday night at the lake house
View at the lake house

Monday rolled around and even though I had to work, I was in a great mood all day because we had our anatomy scan scheduled for that afternoon.  We hadn't seen the little nugget since I was only 6 weeks pregnant and basically all you could see was a tiny little bean shaped thing.  We knew we were in for a surprise!  Our ultrasound tech told us that all his measurements looked "great" and that he was measuring about 5 days ahead.

17 weeks + 5 days

He was moving around like crazy even though I can't feel him yet!  Can't wait to start feeling his little thumps.  We are already so in love and can't wait to meet him!  We topped off a wonderful afternoon with dinner at Ely's restaurant in Jackson.  Couldn't have asked for a better day! 

Redfish with lump crabmeat and mashed potatoes