Monday, February 17, 2014

On being a real grownup

The contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered!  We're officially moving back to Louisiana this August and we couldn't be more excited.  Four years of med school, five years of residency, and one year of fellowship are almost complete and Jeff will be starting his first "real job."  It's all very grown up if I do say so myself.


Speaking of grown up things, we're going house hunting this weekend in our new city.  We don't know the neighborhoods that well, so I'm a little overwhelmed at the thought of finding THE house.  And before anyone says to just rent for a year and get to know the town, let me just say I am DONE renting.  I'm ready to really unpack, you know, all the boxes of "things" that we have just been storing in closets because it's not worth the effort to hang pictures or utilize fancy wedding gifts.  The only way we will be renting yet again is if we don't find anything that meets our somewhat picky list in time to move in August.  That is probably my worst nightmare!  So with that being said, our poor realtor is going to be showing us about 20 houses this Saturday.  Fingers crossed that one's a winner!

Nola Weekend During an Away Rotation

Jeff is in the middle of his second New Orleans rotation for fellowship, so I drove down this past weekend to stuff my face visit him.  I was really craving our old neighborhood sushi place, Kyoto, so we went there Friday night for Valentine's Day.  After gorging ourselves on sushi, we decided maybe we would just get a pint of ice cream from Creole Creamery to-go to eat sometime that weekend.  But once we walked in we realized how silly that was.  I mean, you're never too full for ice cream!  As my Dad always says, it just fills in the cracks.  Their red velvet flavor is the stuff of dreams.

The best ice cream EVER!  No really. 

As if that wasn't enough saturated fat for the weekend, I had my sights set on some beignets.  I had been trying to convince Jeff for the past week that this would be a good idea, but I just couldn't get him on board.  You see, I have a sweet tooth and he has something called self-restraint.  So while he was gone on Saturday on a fishing trip, I took the opportunity to rope my mom into splitting an order with me.

How can something so delicious be so wrong?

We rounded out the weekend by taking Jeff's Dad and brother to a much hyped burger place Uptown called Company Burger, followed by some Pinkberry (duh).  I think the guys liked their burgers because they ended up ordering another one to split.  Oh, and I can't forget breakfast at Surrey's on Sunday morning.  Thanks to their Costa Rican breakfast (brown rice, black beans, scrambled eggs, pico, avocado, plaintain chips, and cheese! all piled in a bowl) that place is quickly climbing to my top breakfast spot in the city.  All in all, it was a delicious, gluttonous weekend (as all New Orleans weekends should be).  To top it off, the weather was downright glorious!  More weekends like this, please.  
Pelicans on the dock