Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging delay

I had been planning to post about Jeff recently covering LSU football practice and some high school football games. And about a fun birthday party we went to for our friends' baby at a Zephyrs baseball game. And about my good friend Erin having her baby boy this past week!

But then Blogger wouldn't upload my pictures. And I got sick. And we found out Hurricane Isaac changed course and started heading directly for New Orleans.

So I'll upload that post whenever all of those above things resolve. But right now we're hurricane prepping and trying not to panic. Tomorrow will be a regular work day for us and we'll know more about the exact path by then.  It's supposed to make landfall late Tuesday night/early Wednesday.

How much is a bag of sand worth?  $3.60 seems a bit steep but if it saves our furniture downstairs it will be a steal!

But here's the kicker- this Wednesday is the anniversary of Katrina.  BOOM.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Residency Blues

So we're almost 1.5 months down on this away rotation and it's completely sucking. It really wasn't too bad until this week. Either Jeff or I would drive once a week to see each other on a weeknight, and we would be together every weekend. Not ideal, but not terrible either.

Well, as football season is getting started, all that is about to change. Since Jeff is on an elective rotation right now, he shares some of the responsibilities with the resident on the Sports rotation. Which is great, in theory, since Jeff is doing a Sports fellowship next year. Lots of great experience! The problem with that is the football team practices and plays games on weekends. Which means Jeff has to be there various Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays to run clinics and check up on the athletes.

I'm so happy that he will get to work with the LSU football team (how cool is that?!) but I'm really starting to resent residency on a whole new level lately. Is it not enough that he has to live in a different city for 6 months, but now he'll be gone weekends as well? Ugh. And the cherry on top is the fact that he has a work-related dinner or conference every evening this week.  So there goes my plan to see him at all this week.

Don't get me wrong- growing up an only child, I really appreciate some alone time every now and then. I love getting to watch all my trash/reality/Housewives of whatnot shows whenever I want. But after a few days when I've caught up on all my errands and let's get real-there's only reruns on, it get's pretty boring.

So hurry up away rotation. I want my husband back!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little levity

I had a great time this past Sunday throwing a small baby shower for my friend Erin.  I was realllly excited though to finally get to use some of the wedding gifts we received last year.  So I went shopping in the closet at my mom's house a few weeks ago where half of our wedding gifts are still stored.  It was like Christmas!

This is really dark :(
And all my months of obsessing over Pinterest were finally put to use...


Can't wait to meet her baby boy in about a month!

In residency news, one month of this Baton Rouge rotation down! 

And has everyone been as obsessed with the Olympics as I've been?  I can't stop watching the gymnastics, women's beach volleyball, and men's swimming.  I've been struggling through work this week in a sleep-deprived haze since my usual bedtime is way before it ends each night :)